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Escola Hawaii

Youth Soccer Club Kailua, Hawaii

Our Values

Values (what is important to us)


Soccer is a game of passion. People have loved the game for centuries because it is fun! Soccer brings people together. The friendships that are created through the game and being part of a team can last a lifetime. This feeling of passion can be a driving force of success. Creativity and courage can grow from an ignited passion. Our players show courage each time they step onto the field to play in front of their coaches, teammates, and fans. We recognize that our responsibility as coaches and parents is to keep the game fun for the kids and let the kids take ownership of their game.


We want to encourage our players to develop their personal drive by showing dedication, discipline, patience, and perseverance. The players who show their dedication and discipline by coming to training, showing up on time and putting forth their best effort will reap the rewards on the soccer pitch and throughout their life. Even the most dedicated player will make mistakes and find themselves on the losing end of a match. We want our dedicated players to learn to use constructive coping skills and persevere when faced with disappointment and learn from mistakes and losses. And with dedication, patience, and perseverance, they will feel a sense of satisfaction and self-pride in what they are capable of accomplishing and not feel defined by a single outcome.


Respect for the game reaches all areas of competition. A player who respects the game will; play to the best of his/her ability, play by the rules, respond to coaches, support teammates, respect the referee and both win and lose with grace. With respect comes integrity, compassion, and accountability.


Although Escola focuses on developing kids individually into unique soccer players, the end result is a team of highly skilled and intelligent individuals who must be able to work together to achieve a common goal. Players are taught that each individual has something special to offer to the team and when players combine their unique skills, the team can create something together that exceeds what the individual can do alone. Being part of a team builds a human connection. We want the players to see how sharing strengths with others extends beyond the team and into the community.

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